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Some things to keep in mind.
1. Know the rules. Keep in mind that your shipment might not be insured at full-replacement value. "Your goods will most likely be covered by the company's valuation, which is not insurance, but a limit of liability. Your goods are covered only to a set amount." This valuation coverage (or limit of liability) is outlined in your contract with NS Moving 2. Fill out form completely. If information is missing when submitted, it will only cause a delay in the claim process. Please answer each question entirely.
Due to TxDMV regulations on household goods movers all communication regarding claims must be in writing. This can be in the form of snail mail or digital email. No claim information will be given out over the phone. If you call our office regarding a claim, the office staff will refer you to contacting claims via email: moc.secivresgnivomsn%40ofni If you have already started a claim and need to give additional information or check the status of a claim please reply to the ongoing email conversation already started. New emails may result in delays.  
Household goods carriers have 90 days from receipt of a claim to pay, decline to pay or make a firm settlement offer in writing to a claimant. Questions or complaints concerning the household goods carriers claims handling should be directed to the TxDOTs Motor Carrier Division at 1-800-299-1700. Additionally, a claimant has the right to request mediation from TxDOT within 30 days (excluding Sundays and nationally recognized holidays) after any portion of the claim is denied by the carrier, the carrier makes a firm settlement offer that is not acceptable to the claimant, or 90 days has elapsed since the carrier received the claim and the claim has not been resolved. 

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