Terms and Conditions

NSM reserves the right to refuse the movement or transportation of any items or goods we feel we cannot safely deliver back to the customer in their original condition before the move. Hazardous conditions may result in the delay or refusal of move or services.
The following CAN NOT be moved by our crews.1. Food, Live plants, or other perishable commodities.2. Liquids, flammable fuels, and gases left in motorized equipment or containers.3. Weapons including guns, ammo4. Items not boxed or in open-top boxes 5. Light bulbs and lampshades6. Unboxed Televisions
The Following is NOT covered by Standard Liability1. Mechanical condition of audio, visual, electronic equipment, or appliances where there is no physical damage from moving.2. Missing hardware from items not disassembled by NSM.3. Contents of boxes unless boxes or containers were physically damaged by the movers.4. Items packed in Plastic Bags or Luggage.5. Any Furniture constructed partially or totally with particleboard, chipboard, or engineered wood.6. Open top boxes or not properly packed items.7. Previously damaged or repaired items.8. Acts of God, Arson, Terrorist, Water/Rain, Flooding, Tornado, Earthquake, Hail, and Wind.9. Any and all contents moved into public storage rented by the customer where the customer has access to said storage after NSM unloads into storage.
The following is NOT covered by Liability, will only perform at customers' request.1. Safe assembly of baby cribs, bunk beds & other furniture needing assembly.  Shipper must ensure the proper and safe assembly of items before using this furniture for personal use.2. Disconnecting and Reconnecting water lines to Washers and Refrigerators.  Before use customer MUST ensure no leaking of the unit before using or leaving unattended.  Pipes in walls are plastic and leak, if they break we do not cover these. We are not plumbers. We do not cover water damage of any kind.3. Front-loading washers must have shipping bolts in place before we can move. NSM will assist in installing bolts for customers however it is up to the customer to supply these bolts for the drum. They come with the unit.4. Load Only services where the customer hires NSM to load a truck for them to move. Customer releases NSM from all liability from damage to belongings, property, or rental truck/equipment.
 Terms and Conditions
1) Section 1 – General Provision.(A) For the purpose of this subsection, the following terms will mean(I) Household goods carrier- the motor carrier/mover contracted to transport a shipment of household goods(II) Shipper- The owner of the household goods shipment or his representative(B) Changes to the moving services contract are not valid unless agreed to in writing by the household goods carrier and the shipper.(C) Household goods carrier will transport shipment with reasonable dispatch. Reasonable dispatch requires the transportation of a shipment within an agreed period of time shown on the moving service contract, except when circumstances beyond the carrier’s control, force majeure, prevent or delay transportation.(D) Moving services contract must comply with all other applicable laws of the State of Texas.2) Section 2- Cargo Liability Provisions(A) The household good carrier is liable for any loss or damage to the shipment, except as listed in subparagraphs (B), and (C).(B) The household goods carrier is not responsible for loss, damage, or delay due to acts of God, acts of civil authorities, defects or inherent in the shipment including susceptibility to damage because of atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity changes therein the shipment, a riot, a strike, or the act of default by the shipper.(C) The household goods carrier is not liable for loss or damage caused by dangerous or explosive goods unless the shipper notifies the carrier in writing of the nature of goods and the carrier agrees, in writing, to the transportation of these goods.3) Section 3- Claims Provisions(A) A written claim must be filed by the shipper within 90 days of delivery of the shipment to the final destination. In case of failure to make delivery, then a written claim must be filed by the shipper within 90 days after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed.(B) A household goods carrier is not liable for any claim that is not filed within 90 days of delivery of the shipment to the final destination. A household goods carrier is not liable for any claim that is not filed within 90 days after a reasonable time for delivery to elapse for shipments that were not delivered.4) Section 4- Payment provisionsThe shipper must pay the freight charges upon delivery unless the shipper and household good carrier agree otherwise.5) Section 5 – Provisions for Shipments Not Delivered(A) A household goods carrier may place a shipment of household goods into storage if the shipper is not available for delivery of the goods as scheduled.(B) The cost of such storage is the responsibility of the shipper of the household goods.(C) A shipment of household goods placed in storage is subject to liens for storage, freight, and other lawful charges.(D) A household goods carrier must issue a written notice of storage of the household goods to the shipper at each address shown on the moving service contract within 3 days of placing the goods in storage.(E) If the shipper refuses to accept or does not claim the household goods within 15 days of written notice of storage, the household goods carrier may begin the process of selling the goods at public sale, as prescribed in Transportation Code, Chapter 6.(F) A household goods carrier must give written notice of the public sale to the shipper at each address shown on the moving service contract.(G) The moving service contract does not prohibit the sale of the goods in any lawful manner if the method set out in the contract cannot be reasonably accomplished.
Carriers Liability:A household goods carrier's liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $.60 per pound per article, unless the carrier and shipper agree, in writing to a greater level of liability.